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Known Burials

There are 38 known burials that were documented during a survey of the cemetery by Oveta and Horace Wright in 1978. Since that time many of the markers and headstones have been damaged, destroyed, or stolen. The CCCRP would like to locate and identify as many graves as possible as part of the project. below is a list of those that are known to be buried in the Conroe Community Cemetery.

We LOVE for volunteers to perform research on these individuals to help bring their lives back into known history. In order to keep folks from re-inventing the wheel and multiple people researching a single individual, the ones being research are being marked so.

If you are interested in performing any research, please contact Jon Edens at . The ones that have already been researched have links to the information.

A copy of the original 1978 survey can be found HERE.

Links to their lives, history, and possibly their descendants will be added as the information is made available.

  • Armstrong, ??? 1891-1892 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Armstrong, Dora Griffin 1863-1918 [Linked to Page]
  • Armstrong, William 1886-1923 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Beverly, Josephine Green 1840-1940 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Campbell, Tom 1886-1913 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Carter, Lottie 1872-1908 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Colbert, Mrs Ella 1875-1923 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Cosey, Cleo 1908-1910 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Cozier, Jacob F. 1830-1903 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Davis, Martha 1848-1898 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Denman Baby Boy 1947-1947 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Denman, Kissie Barnaby 1886-1961 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Dibbles, Agnes ????-1917 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Dibbles, Martin ????-1905 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Dorsey, Emma McDade ????-???? [Currently Being Researched]
  • Dorsey, Luther James 1850-1939 [Linked to Page]
  • Drake, Little Luceil 1900-1901 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Drake?, Millie ????-???? [Currently Being Researched]
  • Evans, Eliza 1870-1912 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Fisher, Marion 1910-1955 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Foster, Hanna ????-1922 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Gemight, Steve ????-????
  • Gilder, Maude Ruth 1892-1912 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Gilford, Jim 1889-1936 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Green, Lucy 1987-1897
  • Griffin, Thomas ????-1900
  • Hardy, Dolly Barnaby 1876-1954 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Harncy, Edwin ????-????
  • Henderson, George 1888-1927 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Henderson, Laura McNeese 1868-1941 [Currently Being Researched]
  • James, David 1878-1946 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Johnson, Carrie 1868-1913
  • Jones, Evaene 1913-1921
  • Jones, Jonar 1877-1942 [Linked to Page]
  • Mapp, T Bertha Dorsey 1896-1941 [Currently Being Researched]
  • P J (JP) – Foot marker
  • P M (MP) – Foot marker
  • P W (WP) – Foot marker
  • Pitts, James Charles Sr. 1876-1966 [Linked to Page]
  • Pitts, Ollie Kathryn (Holland) 1899-1942 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Pruitt, George ????-1914
  • Roberson, Simon 1890-1942
  • Scott, Sarah ????-????
  • Somerville, Emma ????-????
  • Somerville, Major 1839-1908
  • Southwell, Novella Armstrong 1900-1945 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Stamps, Maggie Harvey 1874-1924 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Stewart, Margarette 1865-1913 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Turner, J. J. 1862-1912
  • Turner, Mittie J. [Washington] Campbell 1875-1933 [Currently Being Researched]
  • Williams, Leon A 1910-1930
  • Woodworth, Agnes L 1909-1918


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