Honouring the Individual by Preserving the Past

About the CCCRP

The Conroe Community Cemetery is the burial place for many African Americans, some of who influenced the history of Montgomery County, Texas, and for the entire state of Texas.

The exact start of the cemetery is unknown, but the earliest known burial that can be documented is for an Armstrong baby that was buried there in 1892. The last known/documented burial is James Charles Pitts, Sr., who was buried in 1966.

There is no mention in any official records of the Conroe Community Cemetery specifically until a “Notice of Cemetery” was filed in 2014. The property had changed hands several times since Lemuel Smith received the property in a grant from the Republic if Texas in 1838.  The last documented owner was Henry J. Runge who died intestate without wife or children in 1922.

The only document that says anything about a cemetery is a deed from Henry J. Runge to Laura Henderson in 1898, that says:

“… from which are to be deducted about 8 acres for right of way of railroad and a cemetery.”

The cemetery does not mention the Community Cemetery, but it is deduced it meant the north part of the Oakwood Cemetery in addition to the Conroe Community Cemetery.

The cemetery has been out of use since 1966, and the last real cleanup of the cemetery was sometime in the early 1980s.  Except for one grave it has not been cleaned or cared for since.

The Conroe Community Cemetery Restoration Project (CCCRP), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was formed to facilitate the cleaning, restoring, and preservation this historic cemetery.

A few of the goals of the CCCRP, are:

  • Clean the cemetery of trash, underbrush, and dangerous trees (dead) – In Progress
  • Place a fence around the cemetery – COMPLETED!
  • Restore the headstones and grave sites as best as possible
  • Locate and identify as many grave sites as possible – In progress
  • Research the individuals buried in the cemetery – In Progress
  • Locate and contact the descendants of those buried there – In Progress
  • Obtain Texas Historical Cemetery Designation for the cemetery
  • Obtain a plaque or signage indicating the historic designation
  • Educate the public about the history of Conroe through the lives of those buried there
  • Establish a nonprofit organization for the continued care of the cemetery – COMPLETED!

Through the help of Larry Foerster of the Montgomery County Historical Commission and many wonderful volunteers, this project is slowly moving forward in completing these goals.

Your help, through volunteering, donating services, being a board member, or donating to the CCCRP is very appreciated.  Contact us to let us know what you can do for this historic cemetery.